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Delivery of 8000TEU Container Vessel "HUMBER BRIDGE"

October 27, 2006 - TOKYO , Japan -- Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" Line) is proud to announce that it has taken delivery of a new 8000TEU container vessel "HUMBER BRIDGE" at the Kure Shipyard of IHI Marine United Inc., which is the largest containership ever built in Japan. She is the first 8000TEU container vessel among 8 sister vessels on order with IHI Marine United Inc. The series has incorporated new environmental and safety aspects in the vessel hull design and onboard equipment.

The second sister ship will be delivered in November 2006, with the third and fourth ships to be delivered in the first half of 2007. The remaining 4 ships will then be delivered from the second half of 2008 through 2009. All 8 ships will be phased into Asia/North Europe trade.

Minimum Ballast Water

Disruption of ecosystem due to ballast water transfer is now becoming an important environmental issue. This vessel series has adopted a wider beam hull design that enables higher stability resulting in the use of much less ballast water during sea voyage than with existing vessels.

Electronically Controlled Engines

Electronically controlled engines can control combustion condition under all load situations by means of adjusting fuel injection and exhaust valves at suitable timing. This conserves fuel oil consumption and contributes to reduced emissions.

Fuel Oil Tanks in Bulkhead and Double-Bottom Hull
This new vessel has fuel oil tanks located in the bulkheads (space between the holds) as well as its hull being double bottomed. This will help avoid fuel oil leakage in the event of vessel collision involving hull damage.

Exhaust Gas Economizer and Turbo Generator System

This vessel has a heat recovery steam generator which uses the heat from exhaust gas discharged from the main engine for generation of electricity. This reduces total fuel oil consumption and also results in reduction of CO2 emission.

Carcinogen-Free Paint

The new vessel has also adopted carcinogen-free paint for protection of the environment as well as the health of shipyard workers and vessel crews.

Electric Motor Driven Deck Machinery

Another feature of this vessel is the adoption of electric motor driven Windlass and Mooring Winch on Deck that requires no hydraulic oil and this, in turn, eliminates the possibility of maritime pollution due to leakage of hydraulic oil.

Green Passport

This vessel carries an Inventory List for Green Passport and takes advance measures in accordance with "Ship Recycle Guideline" adopted by IMO in December 2005.

(Main Spec)
: 336.0 m
: 45.8 m
: 24.4 m
Gross Tonnage
: 98,800 ton
Dead Weight Tonnage
: 87,000 ton
: 8,212 TEU (Nominal 9,040TEU)
Main Engine
: B&W 12K98ME (91,460 BHP)
Service Speed
: 25.6Knot