Vessel Summary
Container Vessel Summary

Our containership services are used to transport a diverse range of products that are closely related to people's lives from general consumer goods to parts and raw materials. Containership services are offered worldwide through the four hubs of Japan, Asia, Europe and North America, which we position as a core "K" Line business. We have established world-class alliances with shipping companies in China, Taiwan and South Korea and operate main East-West routes between Asia and North America, Asia and Europe, and Europe and North America. In addition, we also offer the intra-Asian routes covering the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, and the South-North route linking South America, Australia and Africa with Asia and other regions.

"K" Line is a global carrier that boasts a fleet of approximately 70 ships as of  March 2015 and are systematically upgrading our fleet.

Deployment of Fleet Utilizing State-of-the-Art Containerships

Five 14,000TEU newly-built ULCVs (Ultra Large Container Vessels) are planned to be launched from Spring 2015. These new mega-size container ships with economical features shall replace current medium-size container ships, aiming for service efficiency, as well as cost competitiveness in the shipping market.  Furthermore, an additional five are to be launched in 2018, making our mega size container fleet a total of 10 vessels, in order to stabilize our long-term profit making structure.

  First 14,000TEU type vessel 'M/V Millau Bridge'
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