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HAZMAT - New Rule HM-206D for Class 6.1 PIH Zone A and B and Class 2.3 (Poison Placards and Labels), effective October 1, 2001

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Research and Special Programs Administration 49 CFR Parts 171 and 172 [RSPA-99-6195 (Docket No. HM-206D)] RIN 2137-AD37 Hazardous Materials: Exceptions From Labeling and Placarding Materials Poisonous by Inhalation (PIH) AGENCY: Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA), DOT. ACTION: Final rule.

SUMMARY: In an interim final rule published on September 16, 1999, and amended on September 24, 1999, RSPA provided a limited exception, until October 1, 2001, from requirements to place new POISON INHALATION HAZARD or POISON GAS labels on packages of PIH materials to facilitate international transportation. This final rule responds to two comments received on the interim final rule, extends the provisions of the interim final rule, and provides additional exceptions from requirements to place new POISON INHALATION HAZARD or POISON GAS labels and placards on certain packages and transport vehicles in international transportation. DATES: This final rule is effective on October 1, 2001. However, compliance with the regulations is authorized immediately.

This final rule greatly impacts all import shipments - shippers and carriers will now need to educate the cargo owners about labeling inner packages to avoid problems / rejects in USA.

This rule is also valid for all export and domestic shipments as well.

To recap:

The exterior of the container must have the "new" placards on all 4 sides and must also affix the UN number. (No exceptions.)

Each of the interior packages within a closed container must contain the new toxic label and be marked with the UN Number. The only exception for packaging is if using the old label; the packaging must also have the UN number AND the Inhalation Hazard marking.

Failure to comply will result in assessed penalties ranging from $5000 - $9000 USD. Additional accessorial charges will be for the account for non-compliant shipments to include : transloading; labeling of all packages, labor charges, etc.

These new labels and placards can be purchased through:

VOHMA (Vessel Operators Hazardous Materials Assoc.)
Phone : 518-761-0263
FAX: 518-762-7781
Label Master
Phone: 773-478-0900
FAX: 773-478-6054