Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is "K" Line CTPAT certified?
Answer: Yes, "K" Line America is a validated CTPAT member.

Question 2. What is an SVI Number?
Answer: An SVI (status verification interface) number is a unique number assigned to a certified CTPAT member. Other CTPAT members can utilize the SVI number to verify a companies CTPAT status.

Question 3. What is "K" Line’s SVI number?
Answer: "K" Line’s SVI number is kliSea00615 (case sensitive.)

Question 4. My customer expects "K" Line to fill out a security survey. To whom would I send this survey?
Answer: Please send all security surveys to KAM Richmond Marine Technial Division (kam** attention: Security. If sending electronically, please address your Email to Group code: KAM MARINE AFFAIRS (**.

Question 5. Where would I able to find more info about security?
Answer: Security details are available on the KAM INTERNET under Security and Compliance.

Question 6. Will KAM provide details of our security plan to customers?
Answer: In order to insure that our security procedures remain effective, they are by nature confidential and will as a matter of rule NOT be released for customer review. Customer can verify "K" Line’s C-PAT status via the CBP web portal by plugging in our SVI number. This should in all cases be sufficient detail.

Question 7. During the course of my shipment, I notice something unusual and possibly suspicious. Whom should I notify?
Answer: Immediately notify "K" Line at...

** Email Form Application will be used for email addresses.