Automated Export System (AES)

Filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) in the AES

Updated: September 30, 2008

Attention Export Customers:

Effective September 30, 2008, filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) in the Automated Export System (AES) is mandatory 24-hours prior to loading of cargo on board the vessel.

Ocean carriers may not load cargo on a vessel without first receiving the electronic filing citation or an appropriate exemption statement in accordance with 19 CFR 192.14.

***In order to comply with customs regulations and ensure smooth vessel operations, "K" Line is implementing a documentation cut-off 24-hours (Sat/Sun/Holidays excluded) prior to the CY cut off at the port of loading.***

Exporters must provide the proof of filing to "K" Line by the established documentation cut-off. Cut-offs will be provided on booking confirmations and will be published on the "K" Line America website . There are basically three types of filing citations or exemptions.

  1. AES Proof of Filing Citation - Internal Transaction Number (ITN)
  2. AES Post Departure Filing Citation - Option 4 filers
  3. Exemption or Exclusion Legend

AES Filing Citations, Exemptions and Exclusion Legends are found in Appendix D of the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR). AES information is available at .

Please file using SCAC KKLU only.

Penalties up to $10,000.00 may be imposed for violation of the Foreign Trade Regulations therefore strict compliance is required by all parties.

Cargo that is on dock and rolls due to late or missing proof of filing citation or exemption legend will be subject to a $200.00 administrative fee plus all associated charges as per applicable tariff.

Please submit documentation with proof of filing citation or exemption legend via e-mail or fax. Please send by one method only to avoid duplication of data.

E-Mail: Select here to send an email.
Fax directly to "K" Line’s Documentation System:  800-670-2330

Thank you for your business and your continued support.

For personal assistance, please contact "K" Line America, Inc., at 1-800-609-3221, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern.