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Regulations/Restrictions for Electronic Waste Shipments
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Hong Kong

Pursuant to the recent circular release from local EPD (Environmental Protection Department) in Hong Kong, this is to advise that there is an increasing quantity of hazardous electronic wastes (mainly waste televisions and computer monitors) imported and transhipped through Hong Kong.  It is illegal under the local waste disposal Ordinance to import such commodities into Hong Kong without a written permit from the Local Authority. The offender, including carrier, is liable to a possible fine of HKD 200,000.00 and 6 months' imprisonment.

To avoid being prosecuted, it is important to understand that carriers are to refrain from booking/accepting such cargo, particularly with a description declared as "Used Televisions", "Used Computers" or "Used Appliances", for discharge in Hong Kong or transhipped over Hong Kong.  The carrier cannot accept these items, unless the importer is granted a permit from the Local Authority.


Used Televisions and Computer Monitors are not prohibited commodities for importation but "Waste Televisions, Computer Monitors" and "Electronic Waste" etc,, are now prohibited commodities to Korea.


(1) If the used televisions / computer monitors are still in original shape, no matter whether they are in good order or out of order, we can import them to Taiwan.

(2) If the televisions / computer monitors are destroyed and treated as waste materials, they are not allowed to come into Taiwan.


All used televisions and monitors are prohibited without exception into Thailand. No bookings will be allowed for this commodity to any Thailand destinations.