Customer Advisories and Announcements

ISPM 15 Wood Packing Materials to Japan - Effective April 1, 2007

Japan has published requirements adopting ISPM15 for wood packaging material (WPM). The regulation will go into effect April 01, 2007.

For questions pertaining to treatment and marking of WPM under the Heat Treatment program contact the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) at 301-972-1700 or one of the accredited agencies listed at the ALSC website. Questions pertaining to where HT lumber may be purchased, how to become certified, costs pertaining to enrollment, required marks etc. may be directed to the ALSC or any of the inspection agencies.

Questions pertaining to treatment and official marking of wood packaging materials under the fumigation program may be directed to the National Wood Pallet and Container Association at (703) 519-6104.