Customer Advisories and Announcements

Port Congestion Surcharge for Export Container Shipments

It is recognized that a strike, lockout, work stoppage, work slowdown or other labor-related disruption to operations at any U.S. port (collectively, labor unrest) will cause congestion at U.S. ports.

In the event of labor unrest, cargo received by “K” Line Carrier or its agent and scheduled to load at any US port (loading either East Coast or West Coast ports) on or after July 01, 2014 shall be subject to the following congestion charge:

$800/20', 1000/40'x8'6", 1125/40x9'6" and 1270/45'

Implementation of the charge for cargo loading at any port, not limited to ports under strike action, will be triggered by “K” Line’s subsequent announcement stating that Congestion now exists at these ports.

In the event no labor unrest occurs, this charge shall not be applicable.

Once labor unrest has occurred, this charge shall continue to be assessed until the impact of the labor unrest on its operations and those of any affected port(s) has ended.