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Daito Corporation, a group company of "K" Line, Introduces
Environmentally Green Type "Hybrid" Transfer Crane at Container Terminals

14 September 2007

Daito Corporation, a group company of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" Line), introduces Environmentally Green Type "Hybrid" Transfer Crane at Container Terminals.

On September 14th, the first "hybrid" transfer crane, manufactured by TCM Corporation, was put into operation at "K"  Line's Container Terminal in Yokohama.

This newly-developed "hybrid" transfer crane has a system that reduces fuel consumption by reusing electricity that has been transformed from energy that is generated when containers being lifted move downward. This is the first time ever in Japan in which a container terminal has introduced such a one-over-five-high type "hybrid" transfer crane.

Benefits for environmental preservation compared with current transfer cranes:

1)  Reduction in Oil Consumption: 40-50% decrease

2)  Prevention of Air Pollution (Emission of CO2, etc.): 40-50% decrease

3)  Reduction of noise by advanced type engine

In October and November 2007, Daito Corporation will also be introducing another 2 units of this "hybrid" type transfer crane (one is from TCM Corporation, the other from Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.) at Ohi Terminal. Furthermore, Daito Corporation is planning to introduce an additional 2 units at Ohi and 1 unit at Honmoku Terminal in 2008 after checking data following introduction of the first 3 above-mentioned "hybrid" type transfer cranes.

Transfer Cranes:

Container handling equipment that loads and unloads containers from/onto chassis for moving within container yard