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CKYH Alliance to Reform PNW Service

March 16, 2006 -Tokyo, Japan. - The C KYH Alliance (COSCON, "K" Line, Yang Ming Line and Hanjin Shipping) plans to reform in PNW (Pacific Northwest) service routes starting May 2006 through new joint operations and upgrading of vessels with a total of 4 loops.

COSCON and Hanjin join hands to run CH-PNW South Loop and CH-PNW North Loop. Each carrier will deploy four 5500TEU containerships, two each in the respective loops. CH-PNW South and North Loops will accelerate PNW transit time, linking South China to North America West Coast in 11 days and Shanghai to Seattle in 10 days respectively.

CH-PNW South Loop's port rotation shall be:

Hong Kong – Yantain – Yokohama – Vancouver – Seattle – Yokohama – Hong Kong.

CH-PNW North Loop's port rotation shall be:

Shanghai – Busan – Seattle – Portland – Vancouver – Gwangyang – Shanghai.

"K" Line will upgrade K-PNW loop from 4000TEUx5 to 5500TEUx5 vessels and will offer Xiamen direct calling in addition. Transit time from Yantian to Tacoma will be improved to 12 days from current 15 days.

K-PNW port rotation shall be:

Xiamen – Hong Kong – Yantain – Shanghai – Nagoya – Tokyo – Tacoma – Vancouver – Tokyo – Nagoya – Kobe – Xiamen .

Yang Ming will deploy five 1 8 00TEU vessels in Y-PNW Loop, linking S outh Mainland China and Taiwan to North America West Coast and transit time from Kaohsiung to Tacoma will be 12 days.

Port rotation of Y - PNW will be:

Keelung – Yantain – Kaohsiung (HJS terminal-YML terminal) – Tacoma – Portland – Keelung.

The members believe by such a restructure of PNW service they will improve the service provided to customers in the trade.