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ITS and the Port of Long Beach Conclude a New Lease Agreement

May 26, 2006 -Tokyo, Japan.International Transportation Service, Inc. (ITS), a member of "K" Line Group, has been operating container terminals in major gate ports in US West Coast, Port of Long Beach, CA, Oakland, CA and Tacoma, WA and providing high quality services to customers through major shipping lines including "K" Line.

In Long Beach , ITS had established and commenced its container terminal operations in 1971 and opened its 48-acre terminal under the lease agreement with the Port of Long Beach in 1972. ITS handled 1.15 million TEU containers in 2005 at the current expanded 246-acre terminal. The lease agreement of 1972 was to expire August 2006 and ITS has concluded a new 20-year lease agreement with the Port of Long Beach.

Under the new agreement, the Port of Long Beach will construct additional berth(s) with the shore powering capability (cold-ironing capability) and new terminal improvements, which include terminal truck gate, administration building, maintenance shop, additional on-dock train yard and ITS has an option to expand the terminal by adding max. 70 acres. The terminal expansion and new terminal improvements, together with simultaneous streamlining terminal operations will support further cargo growth, enhancement of service quality and environmentally friendly terminal operation.

Through the new 20-year lease, ITS, its customer shipping lines and the Port of Long Beach will jointly tackle to reduce air pollutants. The lease includes environmental provisions, which require ships to use shore-side electricity and terminal cargo-handling equipment to use cleaner burning diesel fuel.