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Reconstruction of CKYH's Asia/Europe

September 21, 2006 - TOKYO , Japan. CKYH Alliance to Reform CKYH's Asia/Europe.

The CKYH Alliance (COSCON, "K" Line, Yang Ming, and Hanjin Shipping) plans to reform its Asia/Europe service strings starting from November, 2006.

Currently CKYH operates 7 strings in Asia/Europe service. After review of calling ports in each existing services and reform many duplicated port-pairs, CKYH will operate 6 strings in Asia/Europe service in year 2007 .

Meantime CKYH Member lines are also discussing 2007 business plan of Asia/Mediterranean service which contents shall be announced later.

The members believe that the less number of calling ports in both Asian and European will enable CKYH Alliance to provide more stable and reliable service quality.