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Opening of "K" Line Maritime Academy ( India )

November 13, 2006 - TOKYO, Japan. On May 25, 2006 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" Line) announced that "K" Line's Ship Management Structure to Sustain Safety and Quality as the principle and the various initiatives to establish a ship management structure geared to sustain safety and quality and to promote the planned expansion of business operations advocated in the newly revised interim management plan "K" Line Vision 2008 + .

The "K" Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) scheme is one of the frameworks of this concept. "K" Line recently decided formally to open the new training facility "K" Line Maritime Academy ( India ), at Mumbai City of India . The new training facility is planned to be equipped with various training equipment in the space of about 215 m 2 in the Andheri district of Mumbai City, and to train about 500 Indian trainees every year.

Training system for engineers and chief engineers include elements such as: Main Engine Remote Control System (NABCO) for training of trouble-shooting in an early stage and taking quick corrective actions; an actual reefer container for practical training necessary for engineers, learning system incorporating full-mission engine simulator to acquire basic knowledge of Engine Room Systems and Machineries, exercises on trouble shootings of various systems; Aux boiler Burner simulation & control panel for trouble shooting.

As for captains and navigation officers, the Academy will conduct training for prevention of ship collision and for prevention of grounding, using a ship maneuvering simulator, and will ensure that trainees thoroughly understand the dos and don'ts concerning safety and quality. And by using cargo handling simulator for crude oil tanker (VLCC & Aframax) , Product Tanker, LPG tanker and LNG tanker and various equipments, the Academy will conduct training in order to secure thoroughly safe cargo works. Academy will conduct training in Automatic Unloading System (AUS) for Oil tanker for understanding of cargo pump discharging system.

Academy plans to take approval for ship maneuvering simulator and full mission engine simulator courses from Director General Of Shipping (India) so that these training certificates can be used during their exams for the higher licenses.

To supply highly-skilled seafarers, "K" Line groups are at work and are the main force behind the training center project, aiming to further improve and maintaining the "K" Line brand of Security, Safety, and Trust.

Overview of Training Facilities in India
Name (tentative): "K" Line Maritime Academy ( India )
Opening: April 2007 (Scheduled)
Number of trainees: Approx. 500 every year
Major training equipment: 1) Ship maneuvering simulator
  2) Full mission engine room simulator
  3) Liquid Cargo handling simulator
  4) Main engine maneuvering system simulator(Nabco)
  5) Automatic Unloading System for tanker cargo
  Operation Simulator
  6) Actual reefer container