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CKYH Alliance Restructure to Mediterranean-Asia-U.S. Pendulum Service

July 2, 2007 - CKYH Alliance will start a new pendulum service which links the Mediterranean, Asia and the U.S. from the middle of July. This service combines existing CMX (China Mediterranean Express) service and PAS (Pacific Southwest) service and deploys a total of 12 container vessels.

The new route, named MAP (Mediterranean Asia America Pendulum Service) will call at Port Said, Napoli, La Spezia, Barcelona, Suez, Port Kelang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Yantian, Osaka, Tokyo, Long Beach, Oakland, Tokyo, Osaka, Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Singapore, Suez, and Port Said.

The launch of this new pendulum service will enable a direct service from Korea and Japan to the Mediterranean and is expected to improve service competitiveness by enhancing schedule reliability through upgrading main fleet of 4000 TEU class to mid and large-scale vessels of 4500/5500 TEU.