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Education Partnership Starts for Maritime Engineers in India

July 25, 2007 - "K" Line Ship Management Co., Ltd. (KLSM), a member of the "K" Line Group, has concluded special arrangement with Training Institute Cochin Shipyard Ltd. It is for the education of young engineers for "K" Line. This is the first time for this shipyard to conclude such a program with a maritime company.

Under terms of this partnership, KLSM will send 10 cadets every year, with the shipyard to give them engineer’s training for 1 year. Public notice will be issued and cadets selected by KLSM from engineering college graduates in India. After having completed classroom lectures, they will experience over 6 months of onboard training and acquire seafarer’s license.

The cadets will be given practical education in the shipyard which has real ships and machinery to be seen. They will be selected from graduates of engineering universities in all India, in order to foster high quality engineers consistent with our aim for greater safety in navigation.

Summary of the Tie-up with Training Institute Cochin Shipyard Ltd.

Location Cochin , State of Kerala, India
Foundation 1993
Remarks Established in Cochin Shipyard to provide certificate acquisition course after the embarkation training by attendance at school for one year as a college of engineering graduate.

For the "K" Line group, 50 cadets from India and Bangladesh seafarer educational institutions will be accepted in 2007 for work to foster them to become good officers. The acceptance scale will be extended to 60 people in 2008 together with a scholarship system that will be applied to foster further seafarer security.

Main schools in India from which cadets will be accepted are as follows:

Cochin Shipyard
TS Chanakya
MERI Kolkatta