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CKYH to Implement Slow Steaming on Asia-Europe/ Mediterranean Services

January 26, 2010

The CKYH Alliance will be implementing slow steaming on the current Asia-Europe/ Mediterranean service loops.

Slow steaming will be implemented on the eastbound, and these measures are expected to increase eco-friendliness by reducing CO2 emission.

The slow steaming services will be NE1, NE2, NE4 and MD2, with MD2 being the first to start slow steaming beginning from Dec, 2009 after passage through the Suez Canal on eastbound. The remaining NE3 and MD1 are planned to begin slow steaming during the first half of 2010.
The adjusted service details are as follows;

NE1 : Ningbo (Sat/Sun) - Shanghai (Sun/Mon) - Hong Kong (Wed/Thu) - Nansha (Thu/Fri) - Rotterdam (Wed/Fri) - Hamburg (Sat/Mon) - Felixstowe (Tue/Wed) - Antwerp(Wed/Thu) - Singapore (Sat/Sun) - Ningbo(Sat/Sun)

Slow steaming commences from M/V COSCO YANTIAN V. 027E (ETD Antwerp Jan. 28, 2010)

NE2 : Xiamen (Sun/Sun) - Kaohsiung (Mon/Tue) - Yantian (Wed/Wed) - Singapore (Sat/Sun) - Rotterdam (Tue/Thu) - Felixstowe (Fri/Sat) - Hamburg (Sun/Mon) - Antwerp (Tue/Wed) - Jeddah (Mon/Mon) - Hong Kong (Thu/Thu) - Yantian (Fri/Fri) - Xiamen (Sun/Sun)

Slow steaming commences from M/V HUMEN BRIDGE V.18E (ETD Antwerp Jan. 27, 2010)

NE4 : Kwangyang (Sat/Sun) - Pusan (Sun/Mon) - Ningbo (Tue/Wed) - Shanghai (Thu/Thu)- Singapore (Tue/Wed) - Hamburg (Fri/Sat) - Rotterdam (Sun/Tue) - Le Havre (Tue/Wed) - Port Said (Wed/Thu) - Singapore (Thu/Thu) - Hong Kong (Tue/Tue) - Kwangyang (Sat/Sun)

Slow steaming commences from M/V HENRY HUDSON BRIDGE V.0008E (ETD Suez Feb. 11, 2010)

MD2 : Shanghai (Wed/Thu) - Ningbo (Thu/Fri) - Xiamen (Sun/Mon) - Kaohsiung (Mon/Tue) - Shekou (Wed/Thu) - Singapore (Sun/Mon) - Port Said (Thu/Fri) - Piraeus (Sat/Sun) - Genoa (Tue/Thu) - La Spezia (Fri/Sun) - Barcelona (Mon/Tue) - Valencia (Tue/Thu) - Port Said (Sun/Mon) - Singapore (Wed/Wed) - Shanghai (Wed/Thu)

Slow steaming commenced from M/V HANJIN SHENZHEN V.012E (ATD Suez Dec. 7, 2009)