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Acceptance of Relief Supplies for the Earthquake and Tsunami in Northern Japan

March 22, 2011

"K" Line group determined to accept relief supplies for containerships from overseas for Free of Ocean Freight. The activity is a part of our aid for devastated area in northern Japan and based on the framework for the aid of the Japanese Shipowners' Association (JSA).

  1. Definition of Aid Cargo
    1. Non Commercial Aid Cargo under fully control by The International Red Cross, Governmental Organizations.
    2. Non Commercial Aid cargo under control by NPO (Non Profit Organization) or NGO (Non Governmental Organization) subject to confirmation of its reliability as NPB/NGO.
    3. Consignee must be Japanese Governmental Organization or official Non Profit Organization certified by Japanese authorities such like Red Cross, and should not be individuals, private companies, unauthorized organizations.
  2. Our Responsibility
    1. Ocean transport only from the origin CY to the place where can be covered by K-Line's service as CY cargo. Other transportation requirement than K-Line's service such as Truck, Rail, 3rd party feeders, barges, etc. are not acceptable.
    2. Customs Clearance in both Origin and Destination must be arranged by Shipper / Consignee.
    3. Containerized cargo with Dry Container only. No LCL, Refrigerated, Temperature controlled cargo, Over-sized cargo, Hazardous and Dangerous cargo is acceptable.

To apply for shipment of relief supplies, please contact the nearest "K" Line offices or agents.