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Fifth "K" Line Maritime Academy Global Meeting Held in Tokyo

July 15, 2011

"K" Line held the 5th Global Meeting of "K" Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) which is the aggregation of our seafarer’s training centre in the world including the career path of seafarer on 4th and 5th of July in Tokyo. 110 and more participants including instructors from each KLMA around the world, representatives of in-house ship management companies and concerned manning agents, President and CEO Jiro Asakura, "K" Line executives and staff attended this meeting.

Maritime Academy
Opening Speech of President Asakura

In the plenary session on the first day and the instructors’ meeting on the second day, KLMA (Headquarters) in Tokyo explained the review of current measures and policies for securing and fostering seafarers in view of 5 years having elapsed since its establishment as well as showing new direction for the future. Each ship management company introduced its own specialized approach to training and KLMA instructors introduced the present situation and their effort at each KLMA in the world. The discussions for those issues were executed very actively and positively and all attendees shared KLMA’s future challenges.

Furthermore, KLMA Instructors took the real danger sensing course as external training for their skill improvement on 7th July. They will bring their new knowledge and experience back to their countries and put their new skills into action from the KLMA training.

According to the KLMA Master Plan based on these common consensus, we will accelerate progress towards securing and fostering good seafarers to fulfill our safety standards, assure maximum safety of navigation, maintain and improve the "K" Line brand of Security, Safety and Trust, and then achieve "Synergy for All and Sustainable Growth," the main theme of our mid-term management plan called "K" Line Vision 100.