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"CKYH-the Green Alliance" Expands Cooperation with Evergreen on Asia-Europe/Mediterranean Trades

December 27, 2011 - CKYH-the Green Alliance hereby announces that, together with Evergreen Line (hereinafter called "Evergreen"), all parties intend to enhance highest frequency of service loops, expedition of delivery terms and full scale of port coverage in their services and agreed to strengthen cooperation among one another in Asia-Europe and Asia-Mediterranean trade lanes from the second quarter of 2012.

Although Evergreen will not be joining CKYH-the Green Alliance, the carrier will coordinate with each other to provide more intensive sailings to the level of eight service loops from Asian ports to Northern European base ports, and four service loops from Asian ports to Mediterranean ports every week. The majority of the fleet operated in these total twelve loops will be ranging from 8,000TEU to 13,000TEU sizes.

Through this cooperation, CKYH-the Green Alliance, together with Evergreen will be able to provide the highest quality services to their customers with shortest transit time from major origin ports to European destinations.

More details are to be further released.