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CKYHE Voyage Cancellation Plan for Asia-North Europe and Mediterranean Loops in Winter Season

November 4, 2015

CKYHE Alliance (COSCO, "K" Line, Yang Ming, Hanjin Shipping & Evergreen) is to implement service adjustment on Asia – North Europe and Mediterranean trade in order to cope with the seasonal market demand.

The CKYHE members will cancel a total of 9 voyages on the current Asia-North Europe/Mediterranean service loops from November 2015 through December 2015.

For details of updated schedule, please contact carrier's local agent or visit website of CKYHE respectively.

Nevertheless, CKYHE Alliance will continue providing excellent weekly services covering major ports connecting Asia and North Europe and Mediterranean regions.

Details of the cancelled voyages are as follows:

♦ Asia-North Europe Services♦

45th week, NE7 (ETA Ningbo, Nov.04)
46th week, NE8 (ETA Taipei, Nov.08)
48th week, NE7 (ETA Ningbo, Nov.25)
51st week, NE8, (ETA Taipei, Dec.13)
51st week, NE7, (ETA Ningbo, Dec.16)

♦ Asia-Mediterranean Services ♦

47th week, MD2 (ETA Xiamen, Nov.15)
48th week, ADR (ETA Qingdao, Nov.26)
49th week, MD2 (ETA Xiamen, Nov.29)
51st week, MD2 (ETA Xiamen, Dec.13)