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Delivery of Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) and Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

January 18, 2011

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" Line) is pleased to announce that K LINE OFFSHORE AS (KOAS) took successful delivery of its first large size AHTS(※1) "KL SANDEFJORD", constructed at STX OSV AS Langsten Yard and second large size PSV(※2) "KL BRISFJORD", constructed at STX OSV AS Brevik Yard in Norway. KOAS, headquartered in Arendal, Norway is the owner and operator of the vessels, and "K" Line holds 95% of KOAS shares.

Unique features of this first AHTS include largest propeller output of 34,000 BHP and world’s largest Bollard Pull of 390 ton to support oil and gas drilling rigs. Furthermore, the vessel is equipped with various unique and latest devices such as the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS(※3)), ROV(※4) Launching and Recovery System (ROVLARS) and 250 ton A-Frame that can be launched and recover large sub-sea equipment to and from under the sea to provide safe and high quality services in growing offshore oil and gas field development market.

The second series of PSV "KL BRISFJORD" is sister vessel of "KL BREVIKFJORD" delivered last September as the first large PSV, featuring largest deadweight tonnage of 5,100 MT and 1,100㎡ wide cargo deck area.

Both AHTS and PSV feature environmentally-friendly specifications, so-called Clean Design, including double-hull structure for fuel oil tanks and equipped with Ballast Water Management System prior to the IMO-BWM (Ballast Water Management Convention) coming into effect.

KOAS is scheduled to deliver remaining one AHTS and two PSVs by July 2011. The company offers efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly OSV services to its customers in growing offshore oil and gas field development worldwide.

 (※1) AHTS is a multiple-purpose tug designed for transport of cargo in addition to anchor handling, towing duties of floating rigs (Jack Ups, Semi Submersibles, etc.) and installation of sub-sea equipment.
(※2) PSV is used for transport of cargo (Fuel, Food, Water, Dry-Bulk, Drilling Mud, etc.) to and from offshore installations.
(※3) DPS is designed to maintain a specified position by vessel’s propulsion system such as thrusters.
(※4) ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is unmanned work equipment for under the sea, designed to install, repair and inspect the various oil and gas field development devices.

Vessel Specifications
Photos by Harald M. Valderhaug
Ship Picture 1
LOA : 95.0 M Deadweight Tons : 4,800 MT
Beam : 24.0 M Depth : 9.8 M
Speed : 18.5 Knots Accommodation : 70 persons
Cargo deck area : 750 ㎡
Equipment : DPS, 250 T A-Frame,
  VLARS, Large Winch, etc.,
Ship Picture 2
LOA : 94.9 M Deadweight Tons : 5,100 MT
Beam : 20.0 M Depth : 8.0 M
Speed : 15.3 Knots Accommodation : 25 persons
Cargo deck area : 1,100 ㎡
Equipment : DPS