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Orders Placed for 3 New VLCC

April 14, 2006 - Tokyo, Japan. - Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" Line) is pleased to announce to place orders for three new double-hulled VLCC.

With the addition of the three new VLCC, "K" Line's VLCC fleet will expand to nine.

"K" Line's VLCC fleet has already been totally composed of double-hulled as an achievement from consistent effort to establish environmentally friendly fleet, which is an ongoing corporate commitment to preserve global marine environment.

This expansion will strengthen "K" Line's high-quality transportation services and will be appreciated by "K" Line's esteemed customers with their satisfaction as well.

An outline of present orders shows:
Construction Company : Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation
Time of Completion : 2nd Quarter 2009
Construction Company : IHI Marine United Inc.
Time of Completion : 1st 4th Quarter 2009
: 2nd 1st Quarter 2010