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Regulatory Compliance Export Regulations

Wood Packaging Material (WPM) to Taiwan

Effective from January 1, 2009 (arrival date to Taiwan port), wood packaging material shall be treated in the exporting country prior to export by either Methyl Bromide(MB) or Heat Treatment(HT) method in accordance with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 under the supervision of the plant quarantine authority of the exporting country, and present the Mark which certifies the approved treatment on the WPM. The Mark should contains the valid symbol approved by IPPC, country code, unique number assigned by the NPPO to the producer of the WPM and the approved measure used (MB;HT).

WPM shall cover wood cases, crating, skids, pallets, wooden frames, dums, wood axle, wood cleat, gunnage, sleepers and packing blocks which are used in loading, packing, mating, supporting or fixing the commodity. The following WPMs are exempt from this requirement:

(1) made from wood less than 6 mm in thickness.

(2) created using glue, heat and pressure or combination method.

(3) treated by paint or stain.

(4) treated by tar or other preservatives.

(5) used as containers loaded with liquor.

Wood packaging material that does not comply with the requirements, will be treated by methyl bromide fumigation or heat treatment, destroyed at Taiwan or reshipped. Any violation with the charge occurred will be borne by the cargo insterests.