Container Equipment Procedures

Street Time Billing Guidelines
Billing Policy:

CY moves: Billed to the trucker of record
Door moves: Billed to the consignee of record on the "K" Line B/L

*"K" Line will not re-bill to a 3rd party*

Free Time:

North American Import & Export

Dry: Day of pick-up plus 6 calendar days
Reefer/Special: Day of pick-up plus 4 calendar days


Rates Effective October 1, 2015 (based on cargo receipt date)

CY Cargo (Merchant Haulage) Door Cargo (Carrier Haulage)
$100.00 per day
$150.00 per day
US$ 125.00 per day
US$ 150.00 per day
Empty Notifications:

All Door moves Empty Equipment Notifications must be sent to the National Equipment Department (NEQ). When an empty equipment notification is received, the per diem clock will stop stop in accordance with below “Door Empty Notification Policy,” and the local logistics office will be notified to arrange pick-up of the empty equipment. If the customer fails to notify NEQ properly and timely, street time charges will continue to accrue. Customers should not send notification to the local office or the trucker only. Empty equipment notification must go to National Equipment Department in order to stop the street time clock.

Select here to send an email to our National Equipment Department

Select here for an explanation of our "Door Empty Notification policy".

Disputes (Accounts Receivable):

CY disputes – Select here to send an email.
Door disputes – Select here to send an email.
Fax: 804-560-2290
Phone: 800-378-0939