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"K" Line America Inc. Harnesses Wind Power - Renewable Energy Credits

"K" Line America, Inc. is committed to supporting renewable energy. We have been purchasing "Renewable Energy Credits" (REC) from Renewable Choice Energy ( since 2008. These renewable energy credits indirectly offset "K" Line America, Inc.'s nationwide office electricity usage with clean wind energy.

Our 2015 purchase of renewable energy credits avoids 1,548,934 pounds (or 703 tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the earth's atmosphere. This commitment is similar to taking 148 cars taken off the road for one year.

With the 2015 purchase of renewable energy credits, "K" Line America, Inc. remains a member in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (E.P.A.) Green Power Partnership Program and the E.P.A.'s prestigious Green Power Leadership Club.

RCE Wind Turbine

Percentage of office
energy offset
2008 60%
2009 80%
2010 100%
2011 100%
2012 100%
2013 100%
2014 100%
2015 100%


While "K" Line America, Inc. does not have wind turbines behind every office generating electricity, the purchase of these renewable energy credits subsidizes wind farm developers who are building wind farms that generate clean wind energy and are supplying that energy into the U.S. national power grid. That is why this offset is considered an indirect offset. We are not using the wind energy directly, but are ensuring a new and unique supply of wind energy into the U.S. national power grid equal to 100% of our office energy consumption. In order to insure that all purchased REC's are original, they are verified and certified by Green–e, an independent third party auditor.

"K" Line America, Inc. plans to continue participation in this program in the coming years, supporting the generation of new and clean wind energy, while reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

Green Power Partner 2015 KAM Renewable Energy Certificate
"K" Line America Green Power Partner Certificate