Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

CTPAT Statement

On July 22, 2002, "K" Line made the commitment to U.S. Customs Service by signing the Agreement to Voluntarily Participate in Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT). "K" Line submitted our Executive Summary to U.S. Customs on September 24, 2002 regarding our business operations and how they relate to CTPAT requirements. Additionally, we are happy to announce that U.S. Customs advised "K" Line on November 15, 2002 that we have successfully completed the process and are now considered full CTPAT members and we have received the U.S. Customs signed returned Agreement. Our official Customs Certification can be viewed on this site for your convenience and confirmation of "K" Line's official partnership.

While, our security details cannot be distributed as they contains proprietary information, you can be assured that "K" Line is committed to the CTPAT security recommendations and we require the same awareness, commitment and participation from our partners and service providers to continue to strive towards enhancing the integrity of security procedures in the supply chain.

Customs and Boarder Patrol CTPAT Department is quoted as stating "... that we must not compromise our security process by providing detailed information to customers or other entities seeking background. Importers or other customers seeking information for their CTPAT applications need only provide the carrier name and whether the carrier participates in the CTPAT program or not." Therefore, "K" Line supports Customs and Border Patrol's assertions, and cannot, as a matter of policy make public the security questionnaire submitted to USCS, and will refrain from responding to other security questionnaire/documents as prepared by other entities.

We our pleased to receive your inquiry regarding the initiative and are pleased in the knowledge that your organization supports the cause as well.

"K" Line has supported Customs initiatives in the past, namely, the Carrier Initiative Program (CIP) since 1985. As a supporter of Customs initiatives, we are proud to participate and take an active role in the war against terrorism by ensuring a more secure supply chain. We look forward to working with Customs, our partners and service providers on a continual basis to ensure the utmost practical methods of security are implemented.