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Change in DG Acceptance Process
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May 15, 2017

Effective immediately, “K” Line America's (KAM) DG processes will change to comply with contractual requirements of our new consortium, THE Alliance. KAM will no longer "FIRM" a booking to be loaded aboard a partner's vessel until the booking has been approved by the partner.  The booking will remain in PENDING status until the cargo is approved. Upon approval, a booking confirmation showing "FIRM" status will be sent.  Container cannot be delivered to the CY facility until the booking has been placed in "FIRM" status.

For containers being delivered to a rail facility rail billing must be confirmed before the container can be delivered. A final hazardous cargo declaration must be received by our DG Department before rail billing can be completed.

Acceptance / Rejection turn-time is (1) business day with exceptional cases as within (2) business days in the event of special circumstances.

Please continue to send your hazardous cargo declaration to our DG Department via fax to (800) 305-2295 or via email to hazdeclarations@us.kline.com.  Hazardous cargo declarations submitted to our DG Department must have all mandatory elements matching those on the Hazardous Cargo Declaration produced at the loading facility and provided to the trucker. Hazardous cargo bookings must be approved by the DG Department prior to cargo being loaded into the container(s). Please note the following cut-offs for submitting hazardous declarations:

  • Rail & Door cargo:
Noon EST 2 business days prior to receipt of cargo.
  • Local Port cargo:
Noon EST 4 business days prior to CY port cut-off

Any costs for attempting to deliver a container without a "FIRM" booking or completed rail billing are for the shipper's account. 

Yours faithfully,

"K" Line America Inc., as Agents Only