Customer Advisories and Announcements

Chassis Provision Change for Shipments To/From U.S.A.

November 21, 2012

Following a successful pilot program on chassis provision change in Boston, MA and Port Elizabeth, NJ, "K" Line would like announce that the same change will be expanded to include other locations in the U.S.

In order to allow our customers to prepare for the change, we would like to share our implementation timeline and geographical scope. Effective from the date shown below, "K" Line will no longer provide chassis for CY (Merchant Haulage) shipments. There will be no change to the chassis provision for Door (Carrier Haulage) shipments and Live Reefer shipments.

Effective Date 2013
07 Jan
Ayer, MA; Baltimore, MD; Buffalo, NY; Croxton, NJ (NY/NJ Rail Ramp); Denver, CO; Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA ; Salt Lake City, UT
01 Feb
Kansas City, MO/KS; Oakland, CA; Omaha, NE : St. Louis, MO
01 Mar
Atlanta, GA ; Birmingham, AL; Charleston, SC; Charlotte, NC; Dallas, TX ; El Paso, TX; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL;  New Orleans, LA; Portland, OR; San Antonio, TX;  Savannah, GA;  Seattle/Tacoma, WA; Wilmington, NC
01 Apr
Cincinnati, OH ; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Georgetown, KY; Huntsville, AL; Louisville, KY; Marysville, OH; Memphis TN; Nashville, TN; Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA; Norfolk, VA. Notice on the change in the provision of chassis at these locations will be provided at least 30 days prior to implementation.

We will communicate additional details such as chassis pool providers and contact information on a location by location basis prior to the implementation date.

For further information, please contact your local "K" Line sales representative.