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Dangerous Goods – 24 Hour Emergency Response Contact Information

August 1, 2014

Critical Reminder: Regulations prescribe requirements for providing and maintaining 24 hour emergency response information during transportation and when stored incidental to transportation, or otherwise handled during any phase of transportation. The mandate is to provide immediate information to support emergency responders handling of dangerous goods incidents. (IE: Leak, fire, explosion, injuries, etc)

The 24 Hour Emergency Response Telephone Number and Contact MUST:

Non-Compliance: "Merchants" as defined by the "K" Line Bill of Lading, whose shipments are determined to be in non-compliance will be held accountable for any and all related penalties, and associated costs per under the Terms and Conditions of the "K" Line Bill of Lading, Clauses 10 &14. Import BL Terms and Clauses Listing and Export BL Terms and Clauses Listing

Links to regulatory Codes:

USA49 CFR Part 172.604
Canada (Transport Dangerous Goods) Part 3.5
Canada (Transport Dangerous Goods)
Part 3.6 and 7 ERAP Requirements