Customer Advisories and Announcements

Empty Container Notification for Drop and Pick Containers in North America

November 30, 2015

Please be advise that "K" Line will change the empty notification process in North America for Transpacific Eastbound and Transatlantic Westbound drop and pick door delivery shipments as follows effective January 1, 2016 :

Once the inbound drop and pick container has been unloaded, merchant must send empty notification to the National Equipment Group of "K" Line America by electronic mail. The per diem clock will stop one business day after notification is received.

Notifications must be sent to the electronic mail address listed below to stop the per diem charge clock.

Email Address:

The empty notification must contain information on customer's ID and container number(s).

Please pass along this advisory to your warehouse operators and/or truckers if they are the parties who manage the empty notification process on your behalf.