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"K" Line's Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Web Entry Tool is Now Available

June 7, 2016

This easy to use tool is now available for VGM submissions. Simply fill in the required fields denoted with the * and your VGM will be linked to your shipment, stored and transmitted to the appropriate ocean terminal as VGM EDI to the terminal is made ready.

VGM Entry           Tare Lookup

Note: These links can be found on the Applications menu and under ‘Schedules and Applications’ on the homepage. The links are also available on the GCT application page from the VGM button top right on the page.

VGM Web Entry Tool

In addition to our web entry tool, "K" Line plans to accept EDI transmission of VGM via the following methods:

  1. EDI Vermas –Designed for VGM submissions. This is "K" Line's preferred message type for communicating VGM.
  2. EDI 304 / IFTMIN (EDI BL Instructions) – VGMs in the EDI BL instruction submission. Note that the shipper's authorized party should be included in the message and that a separate VGM weight (which includes tare) will be needed. Please also note that if using this method for any cargo loading at terminals requiring VGM prior to in-gate, "K" Line will need to receive EDI BL instructions prior to container in-gate.
  3. Web Portal Service – VGM communication with:
    1. GT Nexus
    2. INTTRA
    3. CargoSmart