Bill of Lading and Waybill Terms

"K" Line America, Inc. Bill of Lading Terms, Face, Front and Back Clauses 
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Bill of Lading (KBL-410 / KL-64) Combined Transport Bill of Lading (KBL-110)
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Bill of Lading Terms: Export Front Clauses

RECEIVED from the Shipper in apparent good order and condition unless otherwise indicated herein, the cargo or the container(s) or package(s) said to contain the cargo herein mentioned, to be carried subject to all the terms and conditions provided for on the face and back of this Bill of Lading, from the place of receipt or port of loading to the port of discharge or place of delivery shown herein and there to be delivered. If required by Carrier, this Bill of Lading duly endorsed must be surrendered in exchange for Goods or delivery order. None of the terms of this Bill of Lading can be waived by or for Carrier except by express waiver signed by Carrier or its duly authorized agent.

IN ACCEPTING THIS BILL OF LADING, Merchant agrees to be bound by all the stipulations, exceptions, terms and conditions on the face and back hereof, and the terms and conditions contained in Carrier's applicable Tariff, whether written, typed, stamped, or printed, as fully as if signed by Merchant, any local custom or privilege to the contrary notwithstanding, and agrees that all representations, agreements or freight engagements for and in connection with Carriage of Goods are superseded by this Bill of Lading. On presentation of one or more original(s) of this Bill of Lading (duly endorsed) to Carrier by or on behalf of Holder, the rights and liabilities arising in accordance with the terms hereof shall (without prejudice to the terms of this Bill of Lading, or any rule of law or statute rendering them binding on Merchant) become binding in all respects between Carrier and Holder as though the contract evidenced hereby or contained herein had been made between them.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, on behalf of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Vessel, her owners, operators and charterers, has signed the number of Bill(s) of Lading stated below, all of this tenor and date, one of which being accomplished, the others to stand void.