Bill of Lading and Waybill Terms

"K" Line America, Inc. Bill of Lading Terms, Face, Front and Back Clauses 
Bill of Lading (KBL-100) Non-Negotiable Waybill (KWB-100) Bill of Lading (KL-60) Non-Negotiable Waybill (KL-62)
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Bill of Lading (KBL-410 / KL-64) Combined Transport Bill of Lading (KBL-110)
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  Waybill (KWB-610 / KL-66)  
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Non-Negotiable Waybill: Export Face Clauses
  1. RECEIVED by Carrier from the Shipper on the terms hereof the total number of Containers or packages said to contain Goods enumerated below in the box marked “Total No. of Containers or Packages (in words)” in apparent good order and condition (unless otherwise indicated herein) for Carriage from the Place of Receipt or the Port of Loading to the Port of Discharge or the Place of Delivery.
  2. In consideration of Carrier’s acceptance of Containers or packages, the Shipper (on its own behalf and on behalf of all persons included in the definition of “Merchant” contained in the applicable "K" Line standard form bill of lading) agrees that all terms on the face and back hereof apply. MERCHANT SPECIFICALLY AGREES THAT ITS ATTENTION HAS BEEN DRAWN TO AND THAT IT HAS ACCEPTED THE APPLICABLE "K" Line STANDARD FORM BILL OF LADING (“ CARRIER’S B/L”), CARRIER’S APPLICABLE TARIFF(S), AND THE CMI UNIFORM RULES FOR SEA WAYBILLS AS REFERRED TO IN AND INCORPORATED HEREIN BY CLAUSE 1 ON THE REVERSE HEREOF
  3. This Waybill supersedes any prior arrangements, agreements or representations by Carrier, its agent or any other person, save for service contracts between the parties, and where applicable valid under the United States Shipping Act.